Additional facilities

Villa Zetna with the beautifull nature that surrounds her combines everything that is necessary for a royal relaxation of body and sole.

Additional facilities


As the villa with its rich history honores the tradition of Dalmatia, within the complex there is a stone smoke house with open fireplace and dining room in the yard.

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Outdoor terrace

A small deck with sunbeds in front of the villa allows you to enjoy all the scents of the beautiful garden that surrounds it.

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Outdoor terrace 01
Outdoor terrace 03
Outdoor terrace 01

Swimming pool

Located in a garden rich with autochthonous plants and pines, your oasis of peace is the perfect place to relax. The outdoor pool with fresh water will provide a real refreshment to all Villa Zetna guests.

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Swimming pool 01
Swimming pool 03
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The house is equipped with a sauna, Jacuzzi tub, exercise equipment for complete relaxation of the soul and body.

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Modern and fully equipped office within Villa Zetna will provide you relaxing atmosphere for business meetings and enjoyable work.

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